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    When Will Edison Be Upstreamed To The Yocto GIT Repository


      If this has been done,   then great - you can disregard my rant below,   but I cannot seem to find it after hours and hours of searching.  


      I see similar questions marked as answered by ***_Intel with a response such as "It's on our road map".   In my opinion,   that's not really answered,   and its not acceptable.   The Edison BSP should have been upstreamed from day one ...  the moment Intel started selling Edison.   So let me ask again.   When will Intel upstream full Edison support (BSP, ...) to the Yocto git repository?    If the team at Intel cannot do this,   then I would suggest that Intel ask the community to do it on Intel's behalf,   perhaps assigning someone from the Intel team as a gatekeeper of patches and new features.     It is critical that there be an official Intel sanctioned Edison Yocto presence.    I for one would be willing to help out,   and I am sure others would as well.   The community deserves an official Edison Yocto presence.


      Yocto is more than just a name,   its a process.