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    NUC5i3RYK Burn mHDMI possible?




      Yesterday I plug in my projector NEC M361 (from ex PC with Digitus HDMI 15m ethernet cable with amplifier http://goo.gl/vajXgZ=) to my newly bought Intel NUC NUC5i3RYK with mHDMI and mDP ports avalible.

      On NUC I installed windows and rest programs as normal on my home HDMI LCD and it works just fine.

      I also buy new short mHDMI to HDMI W adapter to connect easy. It seems that everything dies after plug to projector, no signal at all. When I try plug my ex PC back it also shows some strange interference (red background with vertical lines) seller told me today, that my cable died and could be replaced free, strange it works before.

      I try NUC on several LCD screens and it also get no any signal from mHDMI,.... for mDP not tested yet as I have no cable or adapter. NUC is still alive as I Can remote desktop to it.


      Suggests Please, Is it wrong with some different frequency as projector ha 120mhz(hz) as I read somewhere when researching...could be cable fault...or bad, broken NUC port...Can I fix anything or diagnose with NUC?


      Thanks for answers.


      Best Regards, Andrej