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    Support has gotten slower and less responsive


      I have several tickets pending that support has not responded to.  I tried the live chat and the phone support for this product and neither seem to be working.  We've now sent back seven of the ten originally purchased because of the failures following OS upgrade.  It's sort of our Monday morning thing to collect the dead stick PCs and replace them.  We don't have a full time person dedicated to the stick PC product but the failure rate is high.  Most get stuck in a boot loop following updates.  We have only seen one true hardware failure.

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          Hello jsumr110,


          Thank you for joining the Intel communities.


          I’m sorry about the issue you have and I’m sorry for any delay on responding to this post or through any other channel.


          If your units are getting this issue after a Windows update, please be aware that we are informed about this problem.


          We have seen positive experience with the Windows 10 update, you can see it here:



          I hope the information at the link above can help solve your problem.


          If the units do not boot anymore, please try the following:

          Update the Intel® Compute Stick BIOS; please download the latest BIOS version for this unit at:

          Download BIOS Update [FCBYT10H.86A]


          In this case I recommend doing a BIOS recovery and you can follow the steps at:

          Intel® Compute Stick BIOS Recovery Instructions


          After that is done reset the system to factory defaults:

          1. Remove any SD card, if installed.
          2. Press F8 when you see this prompt during boot: F8 to Activate Windows 8.1* Recovery Mode.
          3. Select Troubleshoot.
          4. Select Reset your PC, then select Next.
          5. Select just remove my files.
          6. Select Reset to start the restore process.


          Please let me know if the troubleshooting steps above solved your problem.


          Best regards,



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            This a very well written proceedure but we don't have a fulltime person who just fixes computer sticks.  If the repairs are quick and simple we got it but more extensive repair are not economical.  It's easier to send the device back and let Intel deal with the problems.

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              Hi jsumr110,


              I understand this can be frustrating, at this point I suggest replacing the units either with the place of purchase or directly from Intel, I can see you have submit some web tickets already I hope they will be answered soon.


              I’m sorry for this inconvenience, if you need anything else please let me know.





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                Lets see just how long it takes for support to respond.  I just created a ticket 00254023.  Phones and chat are unavailable.  So we watch and wait. 

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                  Good Luck.  I opened a ticket on Jan 12 and got a response saying I was going to get a replacement and they asked for my shipping addressed on Jan 18th.  Responded with the corrected information on Jan 18th and have not heard a thing from Intel since.  Support site references a 24 hour response to problems.  It appears responses only come once a week based on the info in previous posts.  Navigation to get status on a ticket is really poorly designed and as noted in some posts, sends people to dead ends in the process. I really expected a better web experience from Intel and especially on support for their products.  Still waiting although patience is growing thin.

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                    I apologize for any inconvenience this can cause to you; I know this can be frustrating especially if you need the unit soon.


                    At this point I would suggest keep updating your web ticket for you to get a quicker response and to have the SA number and serial number ready and also your physical address so you can get the quicker answer.


                    Best regards,



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                      Hello All,


                      I work for Intel Customer Support and I truly apologize for any inconvenience you may or have encountered when trying to communicate with our contact center.

                      I have already asked to expedite Service Ticket 00254023 for John Sumrell.

                      Please send me any other Service Ticket that needs attention via Private Message and I will follow up on it. I am also investigating based on your feedback and comments, I appreciate that information so that we can improve.





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                        It's neither economical nor good judgement to have a technician repair brand new product out of the box.  Intel has taken away the ability to re-image the device and so it's simply smarter to box up the failed compute sticks and send them all back for repair or replacement.


                        I currently have tickets unanswered.  Often the first "canned response" is to question troubleshooting efforts and not how to get the product back to Intel for repair or replacement.

                        @rguevara  We need you to fast track a method of repair or replacement as OS issues are killing these stick computers.

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                          Can you please help with tickets 254023 and 244347