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    Intel graphics (Baytrail or Cherrytrail) 15 khz CGA is possibile ?


      Good morning, I am in a group where many people are converting old  Arcade Cabinet Coin Op from Jamma to PC machine .
      Cherry Trail or Baytrail is a nice PC for this work , but the problem is GPu . Old Cabinet CRT Monitor work in 15 khz .
      If we do not find a good resolution with Intel we will be forced to use raspberry P2 . There are chances of getting drivers working in CGA 15 khz?


      Thank You  !!



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          Hello dovellonsky,


          Thank you for joining the Intel communities.


          This a configuration that we have not test but honestly it will depend on your Old Cabinet CRT Monitor if it will supported or not, I tried to look for documentation about the Intel® HD graphics working in 15 khz but unfortunately I did not find any, a this point I would suggest to wait to see if someone else have tried this configuration to see if they would like to share it with you.


          how many of this units you would like to configure with the Intel HD graphics?


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