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    Standby (S3) USB voltage problem with D54250WYKH2


      Dear community,


      I have a very special problem, and I hope that someone here maybe has an idea how to solve. I'm using a Intel NUC D54250WYKH2, and also a power strip which is a very special one, it's a master/slave power stip with a USB connector. If you put the USB connector of the power strip into a computer, and the computer is off, the devices which are connected to the power strip are also off (because there is no power at the USB connector). If the USB connector gets power, because the computer is switched on, all the other devices will also be powered on.


      So far, so good. Unfortunately this scenario does not work using the S3 standby state, because the USB connections of the Intel NUC still have +5v on its USB connectors. So here are my questions:


      1. Is there a possibility to set them to no power when in S3 standby state? I did not find any Bios setting (Wakeup on USB on/off or similiar)?


      2. If this is not possible, is there a pin on the front connector (i've seen that pin 9 has 5v, but would it be off in sleep mode?) or any other connector, which I could connect to the power strip detection cable so the detection that the computer is off also works in S3 sleep state?


      Thanks for any ideas, hints and helps