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    Where is the 23Hz refresh rate setting? (nuc6i3)


      I've been reading that the 23.976fps (23 Hz) video playback has been supported since Haswell but it does not appear is my display rate settings.


      I've got the NUC6i3SYH and installed Windows 7 64bit. Latest bios update (0028) and downloaded and installed the latest Graphics Intel driver version


      At the moment i've connected the nuc to my monitor (not sure if 24Hz is supported) but i'm un-checking the "Hide modes that this monitor cannot display" option to see all possible refresh rates. The only ones listed (with or without the checkbox) ares 60Hz and 59Hz.


      Also, i don't know it this is related, but when i'm booting into windows i'm getting an error message "igfxHK module has stopped working"


      Please don't tell me that 23Hz is not supported in Skyake!


      Thank you