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    Asus G73SW chipset driver issues (HM55/65)


      I am working on an ASUS G73SW and am performing a clean install of Windows 7 Pro 64bit.  I installed the chipset driver's from ASUS' support site but I think there may be some issues since the USB 3.0 port isn't showing up at all.  I believe the version from ASUS' site is old, and is recognized by the Intel Update Utility as being version 9.  When I run the Intel Utility, it recommends going to the latest version (10) and it will download the software needed.  I downloaded the software and installed it without any problem according to the installer.  However, the Intel Utility shows it as failed and still shows version 9 as being installed.  If I check the registry, it seems to show version 10 as being installed, so i'm not really sure what to believe.


      Personally I think it didn't install correctly, or installed half the components and not all of them.  Is there any way to tell?  What else should I check?  The 2.0 USB ports all work, but I don't see 3.0 listed in device manager anywhere like I do on other Windows 7 PCs.


      Update - I added a screenshot of my device manager so you can see what i'm working with.