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    resolution issues on 2 monitors + 1 built in display using Intel HD Graphics 4000




      I am trying to resolve an issue with using 3 displays (1 of which is the laptop's built-in display) using Intel HD Graphics 4000 with a i5-3472U


      I have two monitors that support 1920x1080 and work fine with this resolution when using 2 displays. But as soon as I enable the built-in display as a 3rd extended monitor I lose resolution on my 2nd monitor and am unable to set it higher then 1440x900


      Other users in my office who have the same equipment are able to get this working correctly, so I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. I have tried reinstalling my display drivers but that didn't resolve the issue.


      If there is any further suggestions or support you could offer I would appreciate it.


      Thank you for your time



      With 2 monitors:



      With 3 monitors: