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    NUC5i7ryh Windows 10 display issues


      Looking for advice for a problem...

      Just bought NUC 5i7RYH and installed Windows 10. 64but myself. It functions fine but the display is not showing correctly, it's fuzzy/ low resolution and the perimeter of the desktop is partially hidden, i.e.-scaling is not right.


      I am connected to samusung 23inch syncmaster 1080hd monitor via hdmi.


      I first tried installing latest display driver from intel website. Then tried using the automatic driver detect tool from intel website which showed I needed a variety of other drivers too. After installing, and trying all that, it didn't work. Then I tried reflashing pc back to original state in an effort to inhibit windows 10 from installing display driver updates, and ran intel automatic driver tool again.


      I also tried swapping monitors, but same problem exists.


      Anyways, I'm still in the same spot. Monitor still is not showing correct. Any thought or help is much appreciated!



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          Hello, Plandro:


          Could you please let us know the driver version you are running? Please go to Device Manger> Display adapters> Intel(R) HD Graphics right click on Properties and then go to Driver, you will be able to see the version installed.


          In the meantime try to turn on the Clear Type feature, follow these instructions Turn off or on Clear Type Text in Windows 10.


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            Yes, I downloaded the latest from the intel website and have tried this a couple times. It's version, under driver tab it shows date 11/20/2015. Although I noticed that this date doesn't match the date on the intel website.


            ClearType text was already on, but I tried turning it off and on. Didn't make a difference.


            I tried a different HDMI cable today and still the same problem. Also, I've tried 2 monitors and they both show the same issue. This I'm convinced it's either the NUC, Windows 10 or both.


            Heres a picture of driver settings. I don't think it shows text issue well, but it's definitely fussy. The second picture shows desktop perimeter issue... Notice the hidden start menu and task bar, etc.


            Not sure if the pic attachments will work or not.




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              I was not able to view the pictures, try to attach them in a JPG format.