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    Nuc6i3syh with win10 losing sound device


      Win10 64bit

      Latest video drivers and bios


      This problem occurs after leaving the machine untouched for a period of time. Can't say exactly how much time is needed. The sound device goes missing from the device manager and sound does not output via hdmi anymore. Ive set the nuc to not sleep so this isn't an issue from waking up from sleep.  Ive tried reinstalling the drivers and removing the device and reinstalling but no luck. Any ideas before i rma the device?


      Running with 16gb of crucial ram and sandisk 960gb ssd.

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          This just happened while i was browsing the internet. The screen blacked out and came back on.  After coming back on, the graphics card audio device was lost. Ie the intel display audio under the sound video  and game controllers within device manager as well as the sound device under playback options.


          Workaround is to restart.. however the device did get picked up again once when i added a bluetooth headset again.

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            Hello, Jasonng:


            Could you please let us know the driver version you are running? Please go to Device Manger> Display adapters> Intel(R) HD Graphics right click on Properties and then go to Driver, you will be able to see the version installed.