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    I need info on  Linux please


          Hello community, as of late i have been doing some crash courses in Linux, and have been trying to do things like grasp some basic concepts about the OS, learn how to navigate through the directory in shell and learn some fundamental commands.

         My current issue is that i watched a pretty standard introductory video on youtube about some basic Linux-getting started type stuff, and when i try to put certain things into practice, like some commands, i get a message from shell telling me that the commands are not found., here's a list of the commands im having issues with:


      - man

      - sudo

      - w


         * Im close to assuming that this distro, Linux Yocto, just doesnt come with certain files supporting these commands. Am i right or am i wrong? I believe getting a bit more familiar and experienced in Linux to some degree will make me more effective in utilizing my Galileo, and possibly make me a better maker.



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          Hello Deeznuts,


          Yes, you're right. The Yocto image doesn't include all the packages that you would normally find in a Linux OS for PC like Ubuntu. That's because they are different distros and Yocto is oriented for embedded applications which is not the same as the regular PC distros. Anyhow, the general principles are the same. You can navigate through the directories, create and edit files, create directories, check processes and other common tasks in the same way.


          It's great that you are learning about Linux systems. I invite you to keep doing it, but keep in mind that you will find some differences when using the Yocto image for Galileo, for example the package management used by Yocto is opkg instead of the well-known apt-get.