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    Intel® Server Board S1200V3RPO


      Hi all Friends,

      1/ Intel® Server Board S1200V3RPO - is this MoBo approved and compatible for VMWARE 6?

      2/ I cant see any raid shortcut to set up Raid on this mobo, for example ctrl+e etc... How can I set up this raid or enter configuring? (before any OS installed)

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          Here are the answers to your questions:


          1. When using VMWARE, the operating system validations are done by the developer directly and according to their website; this board has not been validated for version 6.0.


          2. To enter the RAID BIOS, first disable quiet boot in the BIOS main tab. Then go to Mass Storage configuration and select the RAID controller you are going to use. RSTe (CRTL+I) and ESRT2 ( CRTL+E). Save changes, reboot system and enter the RAID BIOS during POST.