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    Intel Modular Server, Proxmox and VLAN


      Good Morning,

      I try to explain the scenario:


      I have one IMS with 2 blades (and double switch).

      On the blades, Proxmox VE is installed.

      I need to split the network with VLAN to separate VOIP traffic.

      This is what I will do:

      In the VM set the VLAN ID of eth0 to 20

      In the main switch (not IMS) I will set the port group 1-10 to vlan 20 and 11-24 to VLAN 10.

      Will this be enought or I have to work on the IMS inside switch?


      I've forgot to say another important matter:

      Office are splitted across two buildings thorught a Fiber Optic media converter where both traffic will go.

      Does it work and will be transparent or not?