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    intel nuc as a firewall? extra nics


      I have a 10 year old dell tower running openbsd as a firewall. It has 4 gige ports. I would like to replace it with a NUC which meets all but 1 critical requirement.


      Cpu,ram and disk are adequate in the new skylake NUC6I5 : but I require 4, or at a bare minimum at least 3 total gigabit network ports. As I read the specs there are 2 problems:


      1 no pcie slot for multiport nic card

      2 no way to expose nic ports external to case to plugin


      So: am I correct in 1 and I require a different motherboard to have a separate pcie connected multiport nic card?


      If 1 is incorrect, are there cases that would accomodate the extra nic ports exposed to the outside?


      Thank you.