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    Unique Problem: Intel HD Graphics won't open for me


      Long story short, when I was trying to play a game, I noticed that the frame rate was running at 40 frames per second, even though I'm about to get 60 minimum.  I was all "Okay that's fine.  I'll just go to the Intel Control Panel and change the refresh rate from 40 to 60"

      Here's the issue: The Control Panel flat out refuses to open up and it's not like its even on my computer anymore.  I tried to access it directly, but it's greyed out.

      So not only am I stuck playing my games in 40 frames per second, but I can no longer access the control panel, leaving me doomed to play my games at a less than optimal frame rate.

      I desperately need help here.  And I bet no one will bother to help because it's a problem no one has ever witnessed.