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    80gb X25-M SSD not recognized when installing Windows 7




      My setup is as follows.

      P45 chipset with ICH10R and a JMicron sata chipset.

      INTEL SSDSA2M080G2GC Firmware 2CV102HD


      I currently have 5 hard drives connected to the ICH10R in Raid mode.  2 drives in raid 0 and 3 drives in Raid 5.


      When I connect the Intel 80GB X25-M (G2) to the ICH10R, Bios recognizes the drive, but Windows 7 64bit installation doesn't.


      The drive works in AHCI mode when connected to the JMicron controller, but it runs a lot slower than the ICH10R.


      How can I keep my Raid configuration and the SSD on ICH10R?