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    NUC DN2820FYKH wont power up after BIOS Upgrade to 0052 and OS Upgrade to Windows 10



      I use a MCE Remote (Hama 52451) with an external IR receiver which could power up my NUC from standby mode. To upgrade to Windows 10 I upgraded the bios. Everything then worked fine except the power up from standby. I can use the remote in windows (kodi) and can also use it to power my NUC down to standby but after standby mode I cannot turn it back on.

      I tried every option in the bios (power usb in s3/s5), Checked and unchecked enabling the CIR and so on but I cannot use it anymore.

      I am willing to buy another one and use the internal IR but I am not sure if it really works.

      Is someone here who successfull can power on the nuc with the internal IR and a remote ?