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    Help with Intel Pro/Wireless 2200BG network adapter




      I am in need of some help with my network adapter (Intel Pro/Wireless 2200BG).  I am using WinXP (I know, I know)

      as my OS and have been having a problem getting it to work (the network adapter, not WinXP).  After working  on the

      problem yesterday, and seemingly getting it close to working, when I received this message:


      Adapter state not found in registry.


      Just prior to getting this message, I had uninstalled/scan for hardware changes/installed the adapter, to see if that would

      help rid the machine of the problem, to no avail.  The driver information is this:


      Location: PCI bus 2, device 4, function 0



      An aside, on boot I am getting a message that the driver is not installed (but it is), however I think this might be related to

      the "adapter state not found in registry" problem.  Has anyone ever seen this message and if so, any idea how to get the

      adapter state into the registry?  Thanks in advance