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    brandnew NUC5i3RYH has no HDMI output



      Today I have received my brandnew NUC5i3RYH and have installed 8GB Kingston RAM (recommended type) and a Samsung Evo 850 SSD with 250 GB.

      Then I have prepared a bootable 16GB USB stick with Windows 7 64 bit which I have connected to my NUC.

      My Samsung Synchmaster Monitor I have connected via HDMI.


      The NUC starts after pressing the power-on-key (blue light). The fan starts as well. But I don't see any picture on my monitor (stays black).

      Even when pressing F2 a couple of times I don't see the BIOS on the monitor.

      I have connected my tablet with the same HDMI cable. It works.

      I have connected the NUC to my Samsung TV. No picture (stays black). The tablet shows again a picture.

      Is my NUC faulty or could it be that the HDMI output is deactivated as default and only the mini-display port works (I don't have any cable and device to check it).


      Any recommendation?


      Thanks in advance,