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    Intel HD Graphics Driver for Windows 8(R) has failed to respond.


      I have recently purchased an HP Pavilion 15-ak085na with Windows 10 pre-installed and with a Intel i7-6400HQ processor and the Intel Graphics 530 driver (version date 31/08/2015. Since the purchase and even after much intervention from the vendor (Currys) and Hewlett Packard knows how to fix the problem of the graphics driver constantly failing when I am surfing the web. Can someone on this community help or can Intel tell me why there graphics driver is not compatible with either my laptop or their core processor or the latest OS.

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          Hello briwart083,


          Thank you for joining the Intel communities.


          How the driver fails, what does it happen when it fails?


          Could please post a picture?


          Please try installing the Intel® generic driver; you can download it at the following link:

          Download Intel® Graphics Driver for Windows® 7/8.1/10* [15.40 6th Gen]


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            Hello Ivan,


            Sorry about the delay. The message I get is "Intel HD Graphics for Windows 8(R) has stopped working and successfully recovered" and I get this message whenever I use the laptop - websurfing/photo editing/word processing- anything that requires the use of graphics on the screen. When it fails, the mouse pointer freezes and times out, then screen goes black and then the alert with the above quoted speech appears in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.


            I cannot post a picture as I only bought the laptop 10 days ago and are not aux fait with the whole system as I have been trying to fix this issue for the last 6 days.


            My system has updated the Intel HD Graphics card 530 this morning to Driver Version: with a Driver date of:21.12/2015.




            The vendor has attempted to install the latest version of the driver you mention via a remote session and the message is that the above driver is incompatible with my laptop. I also attempted this myself after following the advice Intel has given to the other people on this forum experiencing the same issue as myself but got the same response.


            Currys (the vendor) believes a factory restore will work and Hewlett Packard have stated they cannot fix the problem and advise to take it back to the vendor for a refund. However I believe this will not fix this as I believe the real problem is the graphics driver for my particular hardware is not compatible with the current OS.


            Can you please advise if this problem is caused because windows 10 is not compatible with the version of driver I have installed or if indeed any version of graphics card are compatible with Windows 10 because it would appear that your graphics card cannot cope with the amount of graphics info windows 10 needs.


            Can you also advise if there is actually a fix to this very well documented and advertised fault with Intels Graphics Cards or if there is a way of getting my laptops framework to accept the latest generic updates from Intel.


            I would really like your help and would like you to instill some confidence that if I have to return this laptop that I will not have the same problem with any other Intel products.


            Many thanks.

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              I have tried updating and it says I have the newest version. But when I look at the numbered version, my number are smaller than the one updating. Also when I use the intel utility driver downloader, it says I have the newest version. But my computer is Windows 10, not windows 8.

              How do I update my intel HD graphics driver 4600 to get this to stop coming up "not responding so the driver shut down and restarted". It is for windows 8 the driver, why won't it update to windows 10?

              Why do I have to get a beta? wouldn't that ruin the one I have, or erase it?

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                In this case the Intel Graphics 530 is compatible with Windows 10, however, this an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) system, we have generic drivers and if our driver is not supported in your system is because HP has customized your drivers to the specifications and features they have and the components they use, at this point your best support will be with your system manufacturer.


                Intel® released the Beta driver that fixes problems like the error you get; you can try more troubleshooting steps as the ones shown at the following link:

                Errors Reported By Microsoft for Graphics Drivers



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