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    Issues with my intel products and intels Identification utilities





      I run a now old DX58SO and a C0 core i7 920, I had the 5599 bios for years and only recently(this week)updated to bios 5600 after i upgraded from vista<win 7<win 10

      I started my night thinking i'll download the intel desktop utlities but for some reason the intel website said it wasn't available, then it brought me to a page that had me download "Intel Detection" which detected everything properly including the bios version,cpu,ram,HDD,everything, everything except the actual motherboard.... i'm not even sure why it brought me to this page and had me download "intel Detection.exe" because even after using the executable and getting what information it scanned, it provided me with no downloads or links to downloads for any drivers,bios or utilities, so i'm wondering what's the point of this "Intel Detection.exe" it didnt get the information it was supposed to even with an intel motherboard and it served zero purpose for the correct information it did gather.


      I'm just looking for the program that monitors voltages temps etc and has overclocking options.


      any help is appreciated thanks