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    S5000xvn won't boot


      Hello, I have upgraded recently from s5000pal to s5000xvn after having some problem with previous motherboard. Last system refused to boot so I came with idea to change motherboard and diagnose the problem. System had the tendency to hung during os running and after a few tests it refused to boot. After swapping motherboards I had an issue with P12V4 but I found converter from 2x molex to P4 4pin and thought problem is sorted. Unfortunately system does not boot. After plugging the cord to power supply system led is solid amber for few seconds. When it goes solid green, ID led blinks blue for a few seconds( on front panel amber blinks at the same time). When ID light goes out, status led goes solid green but no light on front panel.

      After powering up the system there are no system sounds, no beeps, no post leds, just solid green system led and after a while it goes solid amber, ID led solid blue and led on front panel solid amber.

      I' ve removed all the memory, there are no beeps after removing all sticks, so I assume it's not memory problem. All power cables are plugged, I'm using sc5400 with two internal fans one on fan1 and the other on fan6. There is one xeon 5150 in primary slot, but motherboard after powering up shows solid amber light next to cpufan2 slot(it's not occupied cause i'm not using two cpus.
      Any solutions?
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          Little update, I'm using sc5299.

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            If you're not getting any beeps with the memory removed, the board isn't even powering up enough to load the BMC.


            Try building it outside the chassis, on a static-free workbench.  See if you can at least get it to give you the three beeps.

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              I'm sure I tried this but will give it another chance today. I've checked my power supply, it's 600W, do you think it might not be enough? I think there are only two possibilities, psu or cpu due to problem with previous motherboard s5000pal and same cpu/psu.

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                No, I tried to power it up outside the chassis and it doesn't beep at all. Cpu fan work but there are no post leds lit and status led goes amber after a while(as well as cpufan no2 led goes amber too.

                Power supply? Maybe cpu requires newer bios?

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                  Could very well be the power supply.  Not only is the total wattage important, but the amperage on each rail - you can have a thousand-watt power supply that won't work, if there's not sufficent amperage on the 12V rail (which the processors use).


                  An outdated BIOS would still allow the BMC to work - if it was just that, you'd be getting the three beeps and such.  This looks like an insufficient power supply, bad board, or bad processor

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                    I don't think it's mobo, cause it's brand new, and my ex mobo s5000pal doesn't boot with this psu neither. If it was insufficient psu shouldn't it refuse to boot with previous mobo from the begining? My previous setup (s5000pal, xeon 5150 sl9ru and this psu) worked for about a year with no trouble, and started to hung from time to time. If there was not sufficient amperage it wouldn't boot from the begining.\i checked technical product specification for s5000xvn and compared that with information on psu. It looks compatible. Maybe psu was compatible until it broke? And possibly now it works but doesn't provide sufficient amperage on 12V rail(as it looks like that)?

                    Best thing, i think, is change psu and if this doesn't work change cpu(cause mobo is already changed).

                    I will grab this psu to the local computer technician and see if he could check it's stability.

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                      Ok, after purchasing new psu the problem still occurs. I assume that it has to be cpu(or not). So I will buy new cpu from compatibility list for this mobo and check if problem still occurs.

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                        This problem is getting very expensive. After swapping cpu for another 5150 problem still occurs. i decided to give another try to new psu and purchased 1000watt even more powerful 4 rails. If this wont work seems to be third mobo faulty. If not, machine should work. Will post update in few days.

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                          Funny things happen. After mounting new psu ocz 1000w with 4 rails system with previous s5000xvn woke up! Unfortunately new mobo, the one I was troubleshooting is still not awake. Looks like all the parts are compatible and in working order.

                          Current problem with mobo looks like this:


                          After powering up the system, fans start spinning, system does not perform any post tests, does not boot bios, does not make any noises. After a short while(up to a minute) Status led goes solid amber and CPU FAN 2 LED goes solid amber. Problem is i have only cpu 1 populated. All power cords are plugged in properly. In manual I couldn't find any information on decoding CPU FAN 2 LED. It's so irritating specialy after changing almost all the parts like cpu, psu, ram to make sure everything works. Looks like it's faulty mobo or I am doing something wrong.


                          If anyone could help on what does CPU FAN 2 LED (solid amber) mean, maybe I could drill this further. Mobo supplier says this mobo is new, tested and working.