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    Intel Graphics Accelerator Driver crashes have rendered my laptop unusable!!!


      So I was getting these annoying screen-flickers, goes black and then comes back on, w/ pop-up window saying "Intel Graphics Accelerator Driver  for WIndows Vista has stopped responding and recovered".... (i's not even Vista, but 7)    so I followed all the steps to fix what seems to be a common problem; I went to Intel, used their recommended updates & got a driver update; still didn't work,also went on this Dell support website, installed System Detect and then installed the recommended updates....

      Not only did the updates not FIX the problem; they made it MUCH worse...NOW THE LAPTOP IS UNUSABLE.....blue-screen crash and reboot every 30 minutes or so, same message as before flickering before shutdown.... I've found some info that instructs me to "uninstall the driver, delete the software and then re-install "X" from.....", but the path given to work this magic does not exist (they left something out; I can't find it) .... something like "go to Control Panel, Hardware, Uninstall, expand Display Devices, select "delete software".... the path is NOT correct; there's no such location, driver listed, or option....

      I CAN find "Uninstall", but no display drivers are an option...nothing says "Intel Graphics Accelerator Driver", certainly....there's an "Intel Driver Update Utility" in "Control Panel/ Uninstall"; BUT then there is ALSO, I can find, "Device Manager/Display Adapters/ Mobile Intel(R) Express Chipset Family (Microsoft Corp. WDDM 1.1)", and I have the following options: Update Driver software, Disable, Uninstall, Scan for Hardware changes.... I am reluctant and paranoid to try any of them (scan for changes does nothing)

      PLEASE somebody give me USEFUL information....(there's 1,000's of "hits" for "Intel Graphics Accelerator Driver crashes", and 999 of them say "install driver updates"....THAT'S WHAT MADE THE PROBLEM WORSE!) And selecting a "System Restore" point would only return me to the problem being annoying enough to lead to these attempts at fixing it....an also find a few videos: "How To Fix Display Driver Stopped Responding errors", but they entail going into Regedit" and manually making changes, and that's EVEN SCARIER!!!


      Which Intel thing of the two I've listed do I need to UNINSTALL, and then what do I reinstall after? HELP!

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          Hello gitarzan2012,


          Thank you for joining the Intel communities.


          I will appreciate if you can post the msinfo32.

          1. Please press Windows Key + R to open the Run Menu
          2. Type msinfo32 and click OK
          3. While viewing the System Summary node go to File then Save (Please do not use Export)
          4. Save your MSINFO32 report as msinfo32.nfo on your desktop for easy Access and then you can post it here.


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            OK (sorry for not responding quicker)...


            I am having difficulty w/ your request.... I can open "run 'msinfo32' just fine, but then it won't let me 'right-click' and save as text....I've got the *.nfo file, but see no way to "attach" the file to my reply (I got "insert video", "insert image", "insert link", but no "attach file" paperclip icon...???). Am I missing something? I have also tried to right-click & "open with" to view/save the text, but it will allow me no other options....

            Oh wait - let me try a screen-grab. paste to Paint, save as *.jpg... I hope this gives you what you need to know... I swear, contrary to evidence in this thread, I am ordinarily not nearly so helpless and illiterate with computers!msinfo32.jpg

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              According with the information you provided the processor in your computer is the Intel® Pentium T4200, we don’t have a driver to help you with this issue because you don’t need drivers for this processor, at this point your best support will be with your system manufacturer or maybe if someone else want to shared this same experience and found the way to fix the problem they can post it here.


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