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    NUC5PPYH Power Issue With Windows 10


      Has anyone figured out the magic combination of BIOS and Windows 10 Power settings to get the NUC5PPYH to work properly with Win 10? I have tried various BIOS (right now it is on 0048 which is the latest) and settings in Windows, and no matter what I do, over time it goes to sleep and then into a low power mode with a solid orange light on the power button. Once it is at this stage, the only way to wake it up is to hold the power button for 10 seconds or so and it reboots. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks. .

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          OK, I'll answer my own question so it might help someone in the future...


          I have two NUC5PPYH NUCs. Both are identically configured with a Samsung EVO 250GB SSD and Windows 10 Pro. The only difference between the two was one of the NUCs had an 8 GB Kingston KVR16LS11/8 memory module and the other had an 8 GB Corsair CT102464BF160B memory module. The unit with the Kingston module worked great, the one with the Corsair module was the one with the solid orange colored power button issue, I finally swapped the memory and a-ha, the Corsair memory caused the power issue in the other unit. Odd since the NUC5PPYH with the Corsair module worked fine until it went to sleep. I find it strange that a memory module would cause this kind of issue, but these NUCs are notoriously finicky about memory.