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    For everyone facing problems with 535 SSD (such as not being recognized in BIOS)


      I've saw many comments here asking for solution to that problem. I acutually had this problem by myself with 535 SSD - my ASUS [X550LB] BIOS didn't recognized it.

      So, I decided to share the solution for this annoying problem.


      As you know, this problem is because of the "DEVSLEEP" function - some of the motherboards aren't comptible with this technology.. So - the solution is to "shout down" the Devsleep feature.


      I've found this tool, wich does the job well. And trust my - It's 100% safe and virus free, I used it by myself:

      Download Intel 530/535 SSD Series Firmware Update Tool 2.0.14 for OS Independent


      What you need to do is:

      1) Downloading the ISO from the above link.

      2) Making a bootable USB / DISC with this ISO.

      3) Connect the SSD TO ANOTHER PC, VIA SATA PORT (not USB!). You need to connect it to PC with motherboard that does support DevSleep...

      4) Boot to the BIOS from the PC you've connected the SSD to, and boot to the bootable USB/DISC.

      5) Follow the instructions, and shout down the DevSleep function of the SSD.


      Finally, you can connect the SSD back to your original PC, and now the SSD should be recognized in BIOS without any issues.

      I hope INTEL will publish an official tool to fix this problem..