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    Intel HD Graphics 5500


      I have just bought a Dell Inspiron 5558 with Intel Core i3 @2.00 GHz and Intel HD Graphics 5500.
      I know this not more of a gaming laptop but I tried to test the modern (2013) games...
      I first started with Crysis 3, I had a superb experience with the highest resolution and all the graphics at medium settings with no lag.
      Then I tested Crysis 2, I had no lag again with high graphics as well as the highest resolution.
      Then I tested Race Driver Grid (it's a bit old, released during 2008) with no lag again. By all these testings, I was sure that I can play modern games with normal settings.
      But when I played Call of Duty World at War (which is also a bit old) I had tremendous lag during important battles. I googled a bit and I found out that some of the high gaming laptops also experienced lag on this game, so I somehow completed the game with the least settings possible.
      Then my final test was Tomb Raider 2013 and I was pretty much sure that it will run with no lag coz' Crysis 3 ran with no lag which was released in the same year as Tomb Raider. But I had a little lag and my FPS went down like crazy at cutscenes and during batttles...
      So by all this observations, do I need to be a little worried? I also checked Intel's new Webpage- gameplay.intel.com but the games I've tested are not in the list there.

      NOTE: I have formatted my laptop once after completing Race Driver Grid and before starting Call of Duty World at War, after which I started experiencing this weird lag all of a sudden, so all the Dell applications which were installed on my laptop by default are gone. So is there a possibility that due to the removal of all my Dell applications, I'm experiencing lag?


      Any help will be appreciated.