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    BSOD when using Intel graphics UI



      I have a dell inspiron 7559 with i7 6700HQ. Whenever I use the Intel graphics UI, a BSOD is triggered. The crash dump blames a different *.sys file each time the problem occurs. However, the problem seems consistently related to a stack overflow. The crash is easily reproducible and only occurs with the Intel UI. Please take a look at the crash dump here m_crash.dump - Pastebin.com and tell me what you think.



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          Hello, Mike_1555:


          I would like to recommend you to do the following:


          1. Uninstall the graphics driver, restart the system and let Windows 10* install the default drivers.

          2. If the problem persists, download and install the drivers from the OEM webiste.

          3. Lastly if the problem is still present, you could try with the Intel® Graphics driver, since this is an OEM device, the recommendation would be to use the drivers from the manufacturer to avoid loosing any special feature in the graphics driver.


          I look forward to your reply.



          Esteban C