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    Remplazo para la Pro/wireless 3945


      Espero que me puedan ayudar con lo siguiente:

      Tengo una Lap dell XPS M1730 que no está calificada para operar con W10, pero yo realicé la migración y resulta que opera fantásticamente aunque tengo problemas con el adaptador de red inalámbrica y estoy buscando el remplazo que opere y esté soportado para W10. Actualmente tengo el adaptador Intel Pro/Wireless 3945 ABG. Dell me indicó que el remplazo podría ser el Intel 4965 a/b/g/n pero resulta que ya no está soportada para W10 ni por Dell ni por Intel.


      ¿Me pueden ayudar indicándome cual sería alguna alternativa para remplazo que esté soportada para w10?

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          According to our translation, we understand you want to replace the Intel® PRO/Wireless 3945ABG Network Connection for the Intel® PRO/Wireless 3965ABG Network Connection, correct?

          Unfortunately, neither of these adapters are supported on Windows® 10 and we don't have any information if they will ever be. With that beinf said, we would like to inform you that Intel does support Integration which is when the original wireless card is replaced by another one. Please check this link for further information: Regulatory Information Regarding Hardware Installation or Upgrade for... - Dell support is qualified to provide a list of adapters that are compatible with your system since their adapters are customized.

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            Thank you for your response.

            Well, the translation seems not to be accurate.

            The point is that I already have the Pro/wireless 3965 ABG adapter but it has some issues working with W10. I contacted Dell and they said that it could be replaced with the intel 4965 ABGN adapter which is neither supported in W10.

            What i am looking for is a wireless adapter, qualified for W10,  that could be a replacement for the one that i already have so it has to have, probably, the same dimensions and pin distribution to be inserted in my XPS M1730 unit.


            I already know that my XPS unit is old but it works, probably much better than some newer units. I tried to make the wireless adapter to work properly by testing different drivers ( Dell´s and Intel´s) but the problems still remains. The biggest problem is when the unit goes to hibernate state and when the unit has to wake up the adapter does not respond so the unit has to be restarted. During normal use it works fine.


            I hope with the above information you could help me to find a proper wireless adapter.

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              We would be more than glad to provide you this information, but Intel does not sell wireless adapters to end-users as they are meant to be handled by OEMs. Once they have the adapter, they modify and customize the adapter in order to be compatible with their different types of systems and because of this particularity, we recommend to contact your OEM: Computer Manufacturer Support Websites as they are the only ones that can provide a list of Intel® Adapters that are fully supported by your particular system due to such modifications. Integration such as this one is not supported by Intel and the reason that you are experieincing this inconvenience may be ralated to compatibility.