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    Issues with latest Linux Kernel 4.3 and 4.4 on Ubuntu




      I'm using nuc as an additional home pc with Ubuntu, see version below, and hwinfo.txt attached. So far everything runs ok.

      Starting with Kernel 4.3 I observe a graphic issue with NUC, also in Kernel 4.4 the issue remains. Using Kernels from here: Index of /~kernel-ppa/mainline

      It's not very good visible but it's always there, the issue can be observed as following:


      On the left upper edge of the monitor I see a kind of sparkling snow flakes and it's visible all the time, it's not so good visible.

      I guess this effect can also be seen on the other parts of monitor, I didn't test too much.

      I use a full HD Dell U2410 Monitor.


      It's not a monitor issue, because the issue is not seen with this version:

      Linux nuc 4.2.6-040206-generic #201511091832 SMP Mon Nov 9 23:34:22 UTC 2015 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux


      I also tried the Kernel 4.3 on my notebbook, which is a MacBook Pro 6.2 with Ubuntu 14.04, of course it's a different HW, but I can't observe the issue there.


      I'm runing on NUC the follwing Ubuntu version:

      Distributor ID:    Ubuntu

      Description:    Ubuntu 15.10

      Release:    15.10

      Codename:    wily


      Has anyone observed this, maybe a known Problem with NUC HW?