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    Windows 10 not working after upgrade from i5-3330 to i7 3770K


      So I decided to upgrade my CPU on my build running Windows 10 since Preview edition without issues. After CPU install it wouldn't boot up so I decided it must be something between SSD, UEFI and Processor. Performed clean install of Windows 10 Ent x64, started installing drivers, etc. After a reboot(driver install completion) the start menu became unresponsive. After several more reboots I decided something must have got corrupt started from clean install again, this happened several times and got progressively worse with each reinstall until now I am running Windows 7. When installing/upgrading to Windows 8.1/10 I cannot even get past 1st reboot; there have been many errors but ultimately now it just says that my hardware is incompatible with Windows 10. I have contacted MSI(MB) and Microsoft; both have hit a wall. All that changed was CPU so please Intel/someone on here HELP, I'm at my wits end!! I have even gone as far as removing my graphics card, extra network card and disabling onboard network, audio, etc but no avail.