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    Intel Edison upload problem with Arduino IDE 1602 LCD I2C


      Hi all,


      I have a question about the upload issue. I used a Arduino breakout board and Grove base shield. I have connected a 9V external power adapter and two micro USB.


      I used an analog pin to read data from a light sensor and a temperature sensor then display it on a 1602 I2C lCD (refresh every second). It works after upload finished with all the power and USB port connected. But when I unplug the micro USB (keep the 9V external power connected), it didn't work anymore. The LCD is stuck and stop refreshing. 


      The library I used in my sketch are

      #include <Arduino.h>

      #include <Wire.h>

      #include "rgb_lcd.h"  // LCD

      #include <TH02_dev.h> // Grove temperature sensor



      Can any one tell me what is wrong?


      Thanks a lot !