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    Intel HD Graphics 4600 Blue Screen Problem (Win10-Photoshop CC 2015)


      Hi i am using asus n750jk ultrabook laptop with 2 gpu installed (hd graphics 4600 + nvidia 850m)


      when i try to open photoshop it gives me bluescreen. but if i force photoshop to run with nvidia 850m gpu it works without any problem. it started happening with windows 10 and new photoshop cc update.


      thing i tried >

      installing intel beta driver (didn't solve)

      installing intel stable lastest driver (worked %50 chance) sometimes gives blue sometimes not.

      (there is no problem mechanical with intel or nvidia) (nvidia works perfectly)


      when i open it with nvidia from control panel of nvidia. there is no problem..


      this didn't happen with windows 8 or 8.1 or with windows 7..


      there is a problem with intel windows 10 drivers.(beta and stable) it gives blue screen.