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    igfxhk "Module has stopped working" Win7 Pro 64x - Intel NUC 5i5RYK


      Hi all, I encountered problem with Graphics:


      After assembling the PC I updated BIOS to latest version 1/8/2016.


      After installation of Win7 Pro, I tried to install all latest drivers for my PC.

      After boot (after the graphic driver installation for win7 64 also latest), the message "igfxHK Module has stopped working" started to appear every time I got into win (screenshot with problem details enclosed).


      I also enclose all other info necessary - HW ids, pc info.


      I tried clean reinstall (after format) and tried to install graphic driver as 1st - as somebody somewhere else suggested, that graphic driver shall be first before AMD drivers (amd - i dont have such). = did not help anyways


      I also tried to go to system32 to "sendto" the igfxHK app to desktop to set in properties the compatibility with Win 7 - as somebody else somewhere else suggested for another igfxtray problem = did not help


      Before reinstall I also tried to replace the file with one in the installation package or to uninstall driver (incl. software) and install the driver again... = all of those suggestions did not help


      Do you have any suggestions what might be wrong or what else to do? I have some days to either return whole PC or buy the secondary license OS for Win7 and go for it. Any help appreciated!