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    Windows 7 TRIM not working?


      I have Win 7 x64 with the latest firmware on my drive but when I ran AS SSD, the drive significantly got faster after runing the toolbox optimizer. Does this mean TRIM is not working?


      Some info: AHCI set in BIOS. Under Device Manager by connection: ACPI x64 > Microsoft ACPI > PCI Bus > Standard AHCI1.0 Serial ATA Controller, atapi.sys, ataport.sys, msahci.sys and pciidex.sys are listed. But under ATA Channel 0 where my INTEL SSD is attached, it only shows atapi.sys and ataport.sys.

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          I am wondering the same thing. I ran the optimizer in the toolbox, and of course, the behaviour was much faster.  So does one need to run the optimizer at least once, then let trim take care of things, or is trim really working at all?

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            I`ve exactly the same drivers in my win7 x64 and I guess TRIM is working because I`ve installed the Intel Matrix Storage Manager driver, run the Toolbox and I got less speed than without it, so I`ve uninstalled everything.

            One of my friend had a problem, he had 2 different Sata controller on his motherboard he has activated the AHCI in BIOS, but his SSD was connected on the other controller which wasn`t set to AHCI. After setting it to AHCI his SSD is flying.

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              My device manager lists the same drivers, so I don't think you have a problem there.  I did run the toolbox once after installing because trim was not active initially.  Performance seems to have remained similar since then, but the drive is less than half full and mainly used for Windows/Apps, but not data, so maybe I haven't had enough writes to cause a problem.

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                According to MS, Win7 should disable defrag, superfetch and prefetch upon detection of an SSD.


                Most people in this forum and others have found that this doesnt happen either.


                (yes I did run that dumb windows experience index thing)

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                  Since getting my 160GB G2, I have probably reformatted with Windows 7 Ultimate x64 about five or six times now (for various reasons). The SSD is in a build with all new high-end components. Not once has Windows 7 "optimized" itself for the SSD. At one point I decided to install the latest Intel Rapid Storage Technology driver (not officially released yet) and then manually run the TRIM function via the toolbox. Felt like it took forever to complete and the system seemed faster afterwards (may have been placebo). I dont know...at this point I dont think there is anyway to prove if it is working or not when using the native Windows AHCI driver. Since Windows 7 is not optimizing for SSD, then why should we believe TRIM is working?