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    Help install Win2008R2 on S5000PSL ESRT2-RAID5


      I am having difficulty installing Windows Server 2008 R2 x64 (Standard Edition) on my Intel S5000PSL using Intel Embedded Server RAID Technology II (ESRT2) SAS RAID5 array with a clean installation of the operating system (currently successfully running Win2008x32).


      During installation, the system initially shows only my SATA drives (non-RAID). I load the ESRT2 driver when requested (attempted: Win7_2K8r2_x64_v13.11.0922.2009 and versions back to 2007 and also SAS Hardware RAID Drivers) from a memory stick. The system thinks for about 3 minutes and then finally shows me only my SATA drives without any of the RAID5 arrays.


      I have an Intel S5000PSL Server Board (specs below) and have updated the latest BIOS/firmware/software from Intel's site for Motherboard, ESRT2 and other parts.





      S5000PSL  X5355 Xeon Quad Core x 2  8GB RAM
        American Megatrend  1.20.1093
        Board Serial Number: QSSL71300505
        BIOS: S5000.86B.12.00.0098.062320091136
        ESRT2: M1064e.08.09041155I (AXXRAKSW5)
        BMC Firmware: 0.65
        HSC Firmware: 2.02
        SDR Revision: Package 48


      SATA - 2 drives (1.3TB, 465GB)
      SAS RAID - 3 SAS drives/hotspare as one array RAID 5 (270GB-Server2008x32), and single SAS drive as second array (67GB) -- to receive the software.

      Drives are NTFS formatted and recognized in Win Server 2008 x32.


      Software: Windows Server 2008 R2 x 64 Standard Edition
      Driver: Win7_2K8r2_x64_v13.11.0922.2009