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    DZ77GA-70K Question


      Hello, I have recently purchased an intel DZ77GA-70K motherboard. I noticed that the motherboard contains an 8 pin CPU power connector, my 750W EVGA power supply only has dual 2x2 4 pin power cables. I was wondering since one 4 pin fits and locks into the middle of the 2x4 is this enough to power the motherboard / can i do this?

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          Hi eman0814,


          It is necessary to feed the processor and motherboard. We require a 12 V Processor core voltage connector (2x4 pin) and Main power connector (2x12). If you use a power connector for the processor with fewer pins, the system will not work and it could damage the CPU.


          Mike C

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            On typical power supplies, the two 4-pin connectors are on a single cable and these two connectors together (with retention tabs side-by-side) will plug into the board's 8-pin connector. If they do not, then there is a compatibility issue. If this is an older power supply that only has a 4-pin ATX12V connector, you will need a 4-pin to 8-pin converter cable. These used to be shipped with Intel boards; check your box to see if one is there...