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    Weird graphics using Skype


      I have an Acer Aspire E1-532-2448Laptop running on Windows 10 latest version. I'm not sure whether my problem started with the latest upgrade of Windows 10. The main issue is that when I use Skype I get intermittent weird colour effects. The bottom of the screen turns translucent Lime Green in 'boxes' and these fluctuate with other odd effects making facial features look quite grotesque. It then reverts to normal but this happens several times during a Skype video exchange I wonder whether the graphics driver in the laptop needs to be upgraded to meet the requirements of Windows 10? I've looked at the Skype website but there does not seem to be any help there.

      I have a split screen monitor, also Acer and I occasionally get problems there comprising parts of the screen turning Black or have some, or all, the screen turn to tiny boxes of an unidentifiable image   


      Any ideas out there?