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    [Graphics Issue] restoring/maximising windows from taskbar black screen flash i5 6200u win 8.1


      my brand dell inspiron 5559 intel i5 6200u  graphics card 520 windows 8.1   screen resolution 1366x768

      no other graphics card

      it is a standard laptop panel with touchscreen

      8gb ram

      bios version 1.0.6

      happens both if plugged in and on battery

      graphics driver


      please help me.   i have downloaded the latest driver for my graphics card intel graphics 520.  i have just bought a new dell inspiron 5559 which came with a 6th gen i5 6200u.

      i have tried the driver from dells website and also the latest one from intel  here    https://downloadcenter.intel.com/download/25620/Intel-Graphics-Driver-for-Windows-7-8-1-10-15-40-6th-Gen-


      I have tried all other options as well.

      the issue that i am facing is i often have quite a few open windows minimized to the taskbar.  whenever i maximise them (in other words bring them to the foreground by clicking on them from the taskbar) the screen flashes black for a split second which greatly disturbes me and after happening quite a few times gives me a bit of a headache.   I am not sure how to explain this simpler or in the proper technical term,  just every time i have windows such as firefox chrome notepad wordpad calculator  and i minimise all of them when i click on them so that the window comes back there is a short flash of black screen.

      I also have the settings in windows in performance options - visual effects, set to no animations so the window maximises without any animation.

      you are welcome to try this yourselves and please let me know if there is a solution.


      If not, please can you fix this in the next release of the driver.


      thank you