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    How to update the image via U-Boot Serial




      I have a Intel Edison Module (not the Arduino Board and not Mini Breakout Board), which having only serial port (debug linux port, pin 22 RX, pin 27 TX).

      Q: How can I update the image (for example edison-iotdk-image-280915) via serial port (not RNDIS) with U-Boot? What commands I need to enter and what actions should I perform?

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          Hello akrizkiy,


          Unfortunately you need access to the Edison's USB port in order to flash your board in any of the supported ways of flashing your board.

          The only way (that I can think of) you would be able to flash your board without access to Edison's USB port is to have flashed the Edison with the latest image before putting it on your custom board so the re-partitioning would be already done and then storing the image in the Edison's flash memory to reflash it with the old method of reboot ota.


          But this is not compatible with the 159.devkit image since it is sized more than space available on the Edison's flash memory therefore this image can only be installed through Flash Tool Lite or flashall.sh. But the 159 image does fit the Edison's flash memory and if the method I described works for you then it might be your best option.



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            Thank you.

            We now do this: image to be loaded into the Intel Edison Module in Arduion Board, and then move the module in our product.