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    Windows 10 Intel HD 6000 driver and Lord of the Rings Battle for middle earth II



      I'm owner of a Macbook Air running Intel HD 6000 Graphic card only, trying to play lord of the rings - the battle for middle earth 2.

      After its boot, game crashes in 2 seconds, giving the message "The bfme stopped working" and it closes (It is compatible with windows 10 - See --> Windows Central Forums).

      I searched so much on google and the problem lot of users detected is concerning the graphic driver released for windows 10, tend to be pretty incompatible with such old games. Tried also to downgrade to an older driver, but none on the site is good.

      Only way it run is to completely uninstall the graphic driver, but the game become unplayable, too slow.

      I see a great lot of people have this problem. Is there a new release of graphic driver may resolve this issue..?

      Hope someone may help me, so sad can't play this wonderful game anymore

      Thanks in advance..!


      PS: see the attachment for more pc details