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    Standby on HDMI on/off and DirectX application running




      After spending hours searching for the issue related tips I wanna ask Intel community for help.


      I own Intel STCK1A32WFC with Windows 10 preinstalled. I had troubles updating Windows, factory reset, recovery not working,etc... most of these issues are well known and described here repeatedly.

      Eventually I did fresh installation of Windows 10 with latest updates. Most of applications work well and I should be happy with that but one problem persists from the very beginning of Intel CS ownership.


      I have CS connected to HDMI KVM switch and it performs as expected when HDMI gets disconnected and reconnects again. Video playback, desktop applications run with no probs.

      But when I start DirectX apllication (some games) and switch HDMI to other port while this application running, CS goes to hibernate/sleep and shows black screen when I switch HDMI back.

      I assume it's a sort of hibernate/standby because blue light keeps on, although wi-fi disconnects.

      In this state I can't awake the stick by keyboard or button, only reset then.


      What I did is changed registry CsEnabled from 1 to 0, got Intel graphics drivers updated to latest, changed power options to performance/never sleep any place I found (even in BIOS), got BIOS updated as well, even swapped power brick and cables as inadequate power suspected. The issue persists.


      Greatfully beg you for some pieces of advice!