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    NUC5i5RYK: BIOS update does not auto restart/shut down system after successful update


      I have a concern that I would like addressed regarding the last couple BIOS updates.... 352 and 353.


      This is referring to the Express Bios update method.


      Ever since NUC BIOS update 352, the NUC will not auto restart or shut down after a successful BIOS update.  The final message on the BIOS update screen displays "BIOS updated successfully", but then nothing happens. It just sits there on the BIOS update screen endlessly after finishing.  I have to actually physically press the power button on the NUC and then turn it back on again to complete the update. Then everything is normal and works fine.  BIOS 353 update did the same thing now......

      I do not recall this being the behavior with previous BIOS updates on the NUC. I recall the system cleanly restarting automatically after "success" message appears.


      Is this normal? Did something change?