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    Questions about HDMI detection



      I also want to know if test driver HDMI fix is in updated drivers because the fix in the testdriver works!

      Now my hdmi is recognized at windows start and i don't have to plug - unplug my hdmi cable anymore to get a picture. However, i have also vga connection. This is not displayed by intel graphics properties, it 'sees' only 1 display. For me no problem, just to inform you.

      My system: windows 7 32-bit. my processor = intel  n2810. my output = vga and hdmi.  I installed the (zip) driver manually with the 'have 'disk' method.

      On a sidenote i like to add that altough the intel readme says that win 7 32bit is not supported for my n2810 processor. I could always install the (latest) drivers

      via the 'have disk' method and they worked perfect except for the hdmi issue.





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          Hello Tomatojuice:

          Thank you for the feedback regarding this.

          Regarding adding the fix to general drivers, we are currently working on that.

          As soon as I get a resolution, I will be posting it in this thread.



          Esteban C

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            Hey Tomatojuice,

            Some questions for you to help us understand what you're dealing with...

            Did you test the latest driver? Which one? Please provide a driver version.

            What system are you testing on; desktop (brand/model or homebuilt?) or notebook (brand/model?)?

            If it's an OEM system, are you testing the OEM driver or only our generic version?



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              Home Built: Asus z170 Deluxe motherboard and a Intel Core i5-6500 6M Skylake Quad-Core 3.2 GHz LGA 1151.

              Bios is current using Intel Graphics V20.19.15.4285

              Sony STR-DA5800ES with current software updates.

              Sony XBR-55X850C with current software updates.

              Will not recognize either Sony device when plugged into HDMI port.

              With my old NVidia card in pci e slot recognizes the Sony system just fine.

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                Hi Bryce@Intelintel_admin,


                I have the same problem as reported by samstolz.

                PC: Asus Z170-A motherboard and a Intel Core i5-6500 6M Skylake Quad-Core 3.2 GHz LGA 1151.

                Bios is current using Intel Graphics V20.19.15.4285

                Pioneer VSX-920 A/V

                The Intel driver doesn't recognize the A/V.

                No problems with the old video card.



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                  Hi guys,

                  Could you test the latest Beta and let me know your results? And please clarify... are you not getting a picture or is it just not registering in the Device Manager? Using pics or video to help explain what's going on can be easier in understanding.

                  Download Intel® Beta Graphics Driver for Windows® 7/8.1/10* [15.40]

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                    I installed the 15.40 Beta drivers on Windows 10 64bit machine.

                    The Pioneer AV was not recognize immediately.


                    I opened the Intel control manager, I selected the HDMI port where the AV was connected and finally it was recognized by windows!

                    I restarted the system: same problem. I had to select the AV from the Intel Control Manager in order to be recognized from Windows.

                    Moreover the HDMI communication worked only if the Video card was plugged in the Pioneer DVD HDMI AV input (Input 2).


                    At this point, I decided to install a $25 ATI Radeon 5670 video card.

                    No problem, in all configurations the Pioneer AV worked perfectly.


                    I switched back to the Intel video card.

                    In order to make the configuration stable, I started to plug and unplug the HDMI cable within the various HDMI Input ports (IN1...IN4).

                    At the end, the result was that the Pioneer AV stopped to work, it was not able to recognize any HDMI Input signals.

                    I spent all weekend to try to fix it, but this was the result: "The AV was completely dead ".

                    Thanks Intel!

                    Thank you very much for your wonderful quality!

                    Thanks to your V&V team that tested in deep the product that you released!

                    Thank you for using the final customer as your testers.

                    Thank you from the bottom of my hearth!