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    My i5 4690 is reaching temperatures of 91 and 98° C


      Hello guys ! i'm here with this problem i'm hoping perhaps i can get good advice. I've never truly checked the temps of my cpu from the day i installed it so that's been my huge mistake but luckily nothing got broken, but lately i've checked my gpu and cpu temperatures. Apparently the gpu had the fans spinning low so i fixed that with msi afterburner and lowered the gpu temp from 94 to 76. But as with the cpu i've been having high temperatures like 91 while stress loading the cpu with Heavyload and having temp of 98° while playing games like ARK Survival evolved.So course of action We checked the thermal paste with my father. We found out it was a little dry yep ,we cleaned the cpu old paste ( the heatsink didn't have any remaining), then we applied some more thermal compound to the heatsink and pasted it. we pushed the 4 pushpins like normal, pushpins looking fine from backboard but .All installation and set up of thermal compound and set of heatsink and fan looked fine. but unfortunately when i ran a stress load to cpu using "heavy load" program , again i got to 91° C and i always stop it until there to not over damage anything (regardless of this i got a record of 98°C while playing ark survival evolved). And i got readings from different programs such as speedfan , real temp and cpuid hwcompare all of them get that aprox temp from the four cores. So me and my father instantly thought the cpu fan must be going really slow cus the paste was not the prob apparently the pushpins are well expanded and everything well seated. So for the record my cpu fan ranges between 2100 to 2400 rpm on its max, is this normal speed for a i5 4690 in your opinion? (update , i checked the max the fan can go with "Asus ai suite III" and it sayed it's around "2200 RPM") later on i meddled with speedfan configuration to set on manual the cpu fan and the max i reached was 2400 rpm so that was the first sign of the fan telling me " thats the max i can reach" . So yeah again the fan at aaall times it reaches only up to 2400 RPM. But to finnish all this update i then go into checking INTEL utilities and stuff and i step into a utility thats called "Intel Processor Diagnostic Tool 64bit" . This utility basically makes a full test to see if everything is in order on the cpu, Temperature test included. And guess what i got a full pass , with reaching up to 75°C only with the cores Temperature included so i'm all confused now the app even says "tempearture normal 30° C below maximum" and that is actually not true cus every other program is showing that the cpu goes up to 91° C or even More like 98° C. (Anyways , hopefully the cpu didn't get broken yet) Here's the report file from this utility if you wanna give it a quick look. But from what i make of it i think something's not right.

      intel diagnostic tool report file : http://www.filedropper.com/testresultsinteli54690



      So my last question , what should i do about the high temps if the cpu fan is apparently at it's max , the pushpins are well expanded and the heatsink is with fresh thermal compound and well seated alltogether with the fan?


      (random question) can i get more fan speed out of the fan if i maybe switch the 4 pin connect to CHA_FAN in the mobo , instead of the normal CPU_FAN ?


      My pc specs : i5 4690

      xfx r9 390

      Mobo: B85M-G

      DDR3 : 2x4 gb kingston 1333 mhz

      Update : We tried with my father sticking a big floor (desk) fan , and we put it on maximum pointing the cpu and if there was a difference , it was just 2° C i mean the cpu reached like 85° C with that insane amount of air flowing through it so. We dont know what it is , it looks like the fan thing didn't matter. We applied silicone grease all the time for it so i wonder if thermal compound or TIM are a different kind of compound that works a lot better with the cpu. We were thinking maybe it's a voltage problem , but my max voltage is 1.124 and i heard people have 1.100 of voltage so its not big difference