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    RST does not work after HD replacement


      I outgrew my hard drive and decided to upgrade to a larger one.  Before the upgrade, I had RST working perfectly.  I started the upgrade by turning off acceleration and cloning the old HD to the larger one.  After the new drive was reinstalled, I could no longer restart acceleration.  In the process of troubleshooting, the pins on the ssd broke and I got a new drive.  It is initialized but not formatted.  I installed both RST version 1029 (latest) and 1016 (the one listed with my motherboard on the Intel download site).  Neither shows options to accelerate the HD.  I have attached a variety of snapshots of the RST dashboard and disk manager.  I'm at a loss, any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thx  Rick


      System info:

      MB:  Intel DZ77GA-70K, Bios 0066 (latest)

      Intel I7-2600K

      Hitachi 2TB HD - Port 0

      Transcend SSD370 64 GB - Port 1

      Windows 10 (up to date)