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    Where are the hd graphics?


      Hello. I need help, obviously.


      I have the intel i7 4790 (not 4790k) and the hd 7970 gpu.

      My OS is Windows 10. And there is the problem. every SINGLE (hd graphics) driver is for windows 7-8...

      I tried them too but I only get "your computer does not meet minimum requierements"

      Yes. I tried using the update utility and guess what. NO DRIVER FOUND. I have an intel cpu and an asus motherboard (h81-gaming) which has an intel chipset. WHERE ARE ALL THE DRIVERS.

      Its so annoying. Oh, and when I go to device manager there isn't even a graphic section yet I can find my cpu.


      Please don't tell me you srsl don't have any 4970 drivers for windows 10. Just no...