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    Intel graphic drivers - activate YCbCr-Mode per command line/regedit as default




      I got different Dell notebooks with Intel HD Graphics Family-Cards (4000 series, newest driver installed). All of them have in common that they fail to produce a picture on our Sharp flat-screen via HDMI. The picture shows a huge mess of artifacts. My solution was to enable the YCbCr-Mode within the Intel HD Controlcenter. (Display -> Colorsettings -> Advanced)

      Due to our high number of devices it is not practical to set the YCbCr-setting manually on every single notebook, especially when you cannot change the setting while not connected to the TV.


      My question:

      Is there a possibility to enable YCbCr-Mode as default for all displays that may be connected in the future? Maybe via command line, as registry value or within the installer of the video driver?


      Thank you in advance!