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    Why is Win10 not allowing update to latest Graphics and Display Audio drivers?


      Background:  Like many other folks here, have had a problematic relationship with Intel Display Audio a.k.a. HDMI driver since my system was built - Jan'14.  Still occasionally for no identifiable reason, connection between system and B&W Panorama 2 soundbar 'glitches' (EDID?, some other 'handshake' issue?, who knows!) necessitating a whole power off/on cycle in a particular sequence.  So once felt Win10 had been out for a few months, I was keen to upgrade system from Win 7 Ultimate to Win 10 Pro.  Glad to report accomplished this successfully over the Christmas holidays BUT....


      I am unable to update Graphics and Display Audio drivers to the latest (Intel) versions recommended and available from my motherboard manufacturer's site (Gigabyte).  From thread below, you will see that Gigabyte is now pointing me to Intel's site to download and try installing different drivers.  I am wary of doing so without first having a better understanding as to why Win10 Pro will not allow me to update the drivers AND why what appears to be different versions of the Display Audio driver are installed on my system -


      In Device Manager:

      • Under Audio inputs and outputs>Panorama 2 (Intel(R) Display Audio)>  Driver ver:10.0.10586.0, Driver Date:10/29/15, Driver Provider: Microsoft, Digital Signer:  Microsoft Windows
      • Under Sound, video and game controllers>Intel(R) Display Audio>  Driver ver:, Driver Date:2/21/2014, Driver Provider: Microsoft, Digital Signer: Microsoft Windows Hardware Compatibility Publisher


      Any/all help (tips, recommendations, advice, ...) gratefully received.  Thanks


      My system is:  Intel Core i5-4430 with 8GB RAM


      ------------------------  Thread with Gigabyte -----------------

      Question:Thanks for your help. I have successfully upgraded BIOS to F11 and upgraded to Win10. However, I am unable to update the Intel Display Audio Driver. I downloaded the latest Intel VGA drivers package from your site: http://www.gigabyte.com/products/product-page.aspx?pid=4486&dl=1#driver


      In Device Manager I see that my current display audio driver is dated 2/21/2014


      In the Readme instructions for the Intel VGA drivers package I downloaded from your site, I see that for Windows 8.1/10 the display audio driver is Release date 7/24/2015


      However, whether I try using the setup.exe application or try to install manually Update Driver>Browse... and point to directory containing the IntcDAud.inf file - I get a message saying I already have best/latest version of driver (in fact setup.exe says I have later versions of drivers installed than the ones I am trying to install - which doesn't make any sense looking at version numbers and date stamp)


      HDMI has always been a bit flaky so I really want to ensure I am using the latest/best drivers. Please help! Thanks
      1/3/2016 6:50 PM

      Dear Value Gigabyte Customer,

      Please use the following link to download the display driver directly from Intel. This should install the latest Intel Dispaly audio too. Thank you.


      Best regards,

      GIGABYTE Tech Support Team

      1/5/2016 7:03 AM