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    IRST warning on new system


      I've configured a brand new system. I installed win 10 on my boot drive (Samsung 950 pro nmve). The system is running in RAID mode. Then I succesfully created a Raid 5 set of my 3 classic HDDs. No problem. Then I reboot and IRST warns me, that there is a status problem. The Raid Type is unknown and the Volume inkompatible. But except for this warning everything seems to run fine. I deleted the Raid set and rebuild it -> same warning after reboot. I tried Raid 1 -> same warning after reboot. As long as I don't reboot there is no warning. What is going on here?



      MSI Z170A Tomahawk (MS-7970, bios 1.2)


      16 GB DDR4-2400

      Samsung 950 Pro M.2 NVME

      3 Seagate Desktop HDD ST1000DM003

      Windows 10


      Any help is appreciated,