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    Second sreen is blurred


      Hi All,


      DESCRIPTION when I connect my Samsung external Monitor to my Lenovo Laptop, the image on the second screen is sometimes blurred - the whole image seems 'scaled up' while the actual resolution does not adjust. This seems to happen at random when I connect the monitor to the Laptop, but it does not always happen and sometimes it goes away after some time and the image is then crips and clear again. I provide two screenshots to illustrate the issue.


      HW Lenovo Laptop U410 and Samsung external screen S22C300, internal HD400 Grahpics adapter (see attachements)


      SW Windows 10, see attached files


      Configuration Laptop with external screen, power cable connected or unplugged, the issue occurs on the external screen with all display options (extended, clone, ...) while the internal screen is fine


      Repro as mentioned above, the issue occurs randomly when connecting the second screen with my system.


      Any suggestions how to resolve the issue would be highly appreciated!


      Many thanks in advance!


      Best, Robert



      (1) Screen shot blurred

      (2,3) Two DxDiag files, one created while the issue was occuring and another one in 'normal' mode

      (4,5) Two DispDiag files, as bove one was created with the issue occuring and one in normal mode


      Because we can only provide five attachments, here is the 'normal' screen shot:


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          Hello. robertaue:


          Have you tried installing the driver for your monitor? http://www.samsung.com/us/support/owners/product/LS22C300HS/ZA



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            Hello Amy_Intel,


            thanks for your suggestion. I had not installed the driver because the monitor was sold to me as 'plug and play'. Installing the driver did not solve the issue, unfortunately. However, the Samsung Screen now shows up explicitly in my device manager even without being connected to the screen. When I now connect the monitor the image is still blurred and in addition, a black line extends horizontally across that screen.


            I attached a screen shot that was taken using both displays. Although the second monitor is 22" while the internal monitor has only 15" the window showing an Email in Outlook appears much larger on the right hand side (my second screen) which is why I believe this is some sort of scaling issue..


            Can you think of anything else I could try to fix the scaling / blurredness issue and also to remove the black line form my monitor?


            Thank you very much!





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              I have the same symptoms like you - blurry and soft black horizontal blinking lines.. and moreover, second display is in limited range RGB 16-235.

              But I have laptop screen disabled and I am using hdmi and vga ports. My topic is here: Intel HD 4000 VGA,VGA full range RGB


              Probably it is driver problem, because when I switch cables to monitors, problem is on the other monitor.

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                I found a way to solve the scaling issue. I believe the problem is that things are 'scaled up' inappropriately by either the Graphics Card or the operating system (in my case, Windows 10). However, the Windows system settings would not allow me scale things down - all scaling settings were always at 100% and the only option was to scale up which would not solve the issue. Here are the steps that I followed:


                (1) connect external display via HDMI in 'extended screen mode' (i.e., using both displays)

                (2) Control panel --> screen resolution --> advanced settings --> settings for Intel HD Graphics --> set scaling to 'Adjust aspect ratio' and set the some arbitrary values (e.g. 95, 95), then save the changes. (screen shots below, although they are in German they should be understandable)


                (3) go to Windows 10 settings --> Display settings --> click on the second screen. Now, the lever controlling the size of apps, text, etc. was set at 125%. setting it to 100% immediately solved the issue!


                (4) go back to the control panel and set the aspect ratio values to 100,100


                Now, the display is crisp and clear as ever. The question is, why does one have to fiddle with the aspect ratio settings before Windows recognizes that it is actually displaying text at 125% and thus allowing me to set it to 100%? Again, before I changed the aspect ratio settings and used the display in extended mode, the Windows settings would wrongly state that text and apps are displayed at 100%, thus not allowing me to scale down appropriately. To the layman this seems to be an issue about the Windows / Intel graphics integration which hopefully Intel should fix...


                As for the black lines, I talked to Samsungs customer support and it appears as if the display is broken and needs to be replaced or repared.